Elang Gumilang, Young Entrepreneur Success in Property Bussines

Maybe Elang Gumilang’s name is no stranger to property entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Elang Gumilang has become one of the successful property entrepreneurs in Indonesia with a variety of property projects cultivated throughout Indonesia.

Starting from various failures when doing business became a whip of success for a young man named Elang Gumilang. Coming from a simple family, Elang must work to meet his own needs. Even to go to college, hard-working men must find their own money ranging from selling donuts, selling sandals to doing business selling and buying cooking oil.

But these are some of the business experiences that have forged Elang Gumilang into a hard-working figure and a reliable business man. Until one day he decided to go into the property business.

The property business run by men born April 6, 1985 was initiated by establishing simple housing at a relatively affordable price for the middle and lower class. Promoting through local newspapers is the way Elang chooses to save on promotion costs.

Although the housing he built directs the target to the middle-low, but the Eagle still provides complete public facilities such as easy access to public vehicles, sports fields, locations near schools and clinics 24 hours. Completeness of these facilities makes the Eagle housing business sold out quickly.

Continuing the housing and property business, Elang now continues to develop under the auspices of the Elang Group company (www.elanggroup.co.id). Hard work continues to be pursued by Elang to grow its business. Various strategies are carried out starting from the regional election, the target market is to determine prices.

At present Elang is trying to realize its goal of opening jobs for 100,000 people who are expected to reduce the number of unemployed. The achievements of Elang were awards in the form of Mandiri Young Entrepreneurs and Indonesia Top Young Entrepeneur (2007-2008).

In addition, awards that have been won by eagles are among the Featured Figures of Tempo Magazine (2009) and Ernst & Young Awards Indonesian Entrepreneur of the Year 2010.