Success Story of Nicholas Kurniawan, The Youngest Ornamental Fish Exporter In Indonesia

Success at a young age is indeed not an impossible thing right now. This is what was shown by a young man named Nicholas Kurniawan who successfully opened an ornamental fish business, another proud thing from Nicholas Kurniawan was when he became the youngest exporter of ornamental fish in Indonesia.

The beginning of Nicholas’s success story begins with coincidence. In business, coincidence, even luck, almost always approaches people who are ready, so that no successful person comes suddenly, as well as the beginning of Nicholas’s success in the ornamental fish business.

When Nicholas was in the second grade of high school, one of his best friends gave a packet of Garra Rufa fish, a fish that is usually found in malls for therapy. I don’t know what the purpose is, even though his friend knows, Nicho is not a person who likes to keep fish. The success story of Nicholas’s ornamental fish business starts from here.

Having a business spirit that has been flowing since childhood in him made Nicholas bring the ornamental fish to try to be offered in the Kaskus buying and selling forum, even though initially it was just a fad. Miraculously, it was in demand. the fish that he sells are many who are interested.

After graduating from high school, one of Nicholas’s dreams was to be able to study at Prasetiya Mulya Business School. Tuition fees here are certainly not cheap. The cost of 10 million per month made Nicholas’s creative brain immediately respond that the ornamental fish trading business would not be enough to cover those costs.

The strong motivation to be able to study at Prasetiya Mulya Business School has encouraged Nicholas’ creativity and courage to “ride the class” of ornamental fish traders trying to become exporters of ornamental fish. The world of exports is a new science for Nicholas.

The world of exports turned out to be complicated at first. It takes extra effort to explore the ins and outs of ways to promote business, advertising media that are used, looking for good suppliers so that information on shipment agents including all documents for export needs must be well mastered and also understand the flow of the process being run.

technological developments in various sectors indeed make it easier for Nicholas to market ornamental fish through a website that he built under the name Tropical Fish Indonesia. Tropical Fish is a popular keyword for fish enthusiasts hunting fish products in cyberspace to date.

Nicholas realized that the larger the scale of business and promotion he did must be supported by good suppliers so that the order flow of buyers could be fulfilled according to order. Hundreds of proposal partnerships he offered, and after all this time trying to build trust, many suppliers from a number of breeders on the island of Java, Kalimantan to Papua became partners.