Noore Local Fashion Sports Hijab Indonesian Brand

Indonesian hijab users should be proud and do not have to bother anymore when they are going to exercise but are confused about the hijab clothes that are right for exercise, Noore Hijab Fashion brand made by Adidharma Sudrajat might be the right solution for you hijab fashion in Indonesia.

Seeing the development of the current hijab trend in Indonesia which is so fast becoming the background of Applecoast Adidharma’s founder, looking at the sports hijab fashion business.

Why choose hijab fashion for sports that are quite unique and indeed the market can be said to be very specific, according to Adhidarma, seeing the anxiety of his hijab friends and hijab athletes find it difficult to find a comfortable sportswear. In addition, as a derivative of Applecoast, the new track Noore built was not too far from its parent. He also produces apparel products, but specifically for Muslim women.

Starting in May 2017, Adi is gradually producing hijab and several leggings that are sold online.

“Because of the good market response, we have established ourselves to develop Noore as a stand-alone brand,” said Adi, who officially introduced the Noore hijab brand at the Trademark exhibition at The Trans Luxury Hotel, May 4-7, 2017.

As a stand-alone brand, of course, both marketing and production strategies are different from the parent, Applecoast. For Noore, from the beginning, Adi deliberately collaborated with eLcorps – a Muslim multi-product company – to accelerate brand acceleration.

Although it has only been running for two years, Noore has produced five product categories, namely hijab, clothes, tops of tops, jackets, swimsuits, and various accessories such as swimming goggles, drinking bottles, hats, bags, and backpacks. Noore also deliberately collaborated with various MSMEs in the West Java region in an effort to empower them.

In the future, many marketing programs will be prepared. Adidharma is optimistic about the achievement of Noore which currently can sell 300 pcs / month and its production has doubled. Among other things, there is a special sales program, called Hijab for The Champion, which is partly given to related sports.