Success Story Gianti Giadi Bringin Up Gigi Art of Dance

Passion indeed if developed in the right path will make it develop even can produce achievements. Just like this one strong woman Gigi Giadi is the founder of Gigi Art of Dance.

His interest in the world of dance and music since childhood made Gigi Giadi continue to hone his passion. Another thing that is not less important is the support of the mother. No half-hearted, this woman born on October 5, 1985, even took a course at Lasalle College of Arts and successfully graduated with a BA (Hons) as well as advice from her mother.

After graduating from college, Gigi Giadi immediately got a job at Attitude Performing Arts Studio, Singapore as an administrative staff and also took part in practicing free dance classes.

After returning home, Gigi founded Gigi Art of Dance, Gigi Dance Company and Gigi Foundation for Indonesian young people who share their passion.

Keinginina and Gigi Giadi’s goal of opening Gigi Art of Dance is one of them because she wants to open a gymnasium that is not just a regular gymnasium.

“So far, those who study dancing in a studio, go to class, study and come out again. There is no in-depth learning. So I want to open a home for creative children who can gather, work more than just learning techniques in class. So there is a class of discussion and camping activities for children who want to learn performing arts but there is no place, “explained Gigi, quoted from

What makes Gigi Art of Dance different from other art schools according to Gigi Giadi is the studio she manages with cultural missions, events, and workshops. As well as various things related to the development of the potential of young people. There are classes for dance journalist, dance critiques, reviews, writing.

In addition, the most important thing is that the Gigi Arts of Dance is taught how to teach good and true and even later will get a certification that can be used if you want to work later or become a coach.