Wira Pradana SuccessfullyBusinesses Chatbot Technology

Wira Pradana and her friends succeeded in making technological developments by creating a Chatbot platform through the flag of PT Elektronik Vitual Asisten (EVA.id) to be marketed among companies for customer service.

The chatbot technology platform is one part of the messaging service management that can run on applications such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and web-based chatbots. This EVA chatbot can be used for the benefit of the customer service division, management management, and transaction systems. “The most important benefit is to reduce costs and accelerate the process. This technology allows companies to provide the same service and often appear repeatedly. Understandably, actually the questions received by customer service are often repeated questions. Such things need not be answered by humans, but enough with robots, “said Wira, Co-founder and owner of EVA.id.

Established in 2015, the initial capital of EVA is only from internal, around Rp 3 billion. They have a fair amount of money because they previously had a credit business. The EVA core team was originally only nine people. Wira himself is not a programmer and is more responsible for aspects of business development. He studied digital marketing and successfully pocketed a Google Certified Partner so he understood digital marketing enough to approach corporate customers.

In terms of technology, said Wira, chatbots are interfaces (interfaces) of existing systems that are converted into conversations. Chatbot processes conversations through keywords entered by consumers. “We do not change data, only create interfaces that can be accessed by consumers. With chatbots, customers can immediately achieve what is needed, just by chatting, “said the graduate of the Bandung Institute of Technology’s Mining Engineering Department.

The function of the chatbot is not only limited to customer service, but also transactional services connected to the payment getaway. What is certain, provides easy access for customers and increases engagement.

The EVA team looks for revenue from project development fees with a price range of IDR 50 million-300 million, depending on the features needed. In addition, there are chat credits worth IDR 70 thousand / 10 thousand responses or processes. In terms of business, now EVA has two strategies. First, work on custom projects for corporates. Second, launching retail products to end users with digital financial assistant products for daily financial management with market segments: families, individuals and SMEs.

This service is called Monei.id – serves to record and check personal and business finance simply through chat. Monei makes accurate financial reports starting from the journal, cash flow, profit and loss, until the balance sheet. Launched at the end of 2017, Monei currently has 2,000 users. This service is based on subscriptions at a price of IDR 190 thousand / month.

Now EVA.id’s total corporate customers reach 20 companies, involving more than 11 thousand users with statistics of 3 million chat / month.